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Allison Kyran Cole, Dora Elizabeth Rogers, and Michael Marcotte

Alchemistresses (damaged copy)

Alchemistresses (damaged copy)

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The container box is slightly ripped and dinged from transit, otherwise the book is in mint condition. Contains all goodies as normal.

Alchemistresses: A queer game about magical girls, reincarnation, and self-discovery. 

Alchemistresses is a Tabletop Roleplay Game for 3-4 players and a Game Master by Allison Kyran Cole, Dora Elizabeth Rogers, and Michael Marcotte. You will be playing everyday teens going to high school and dealing with all of the shenanigans that ensue. But there is something very special about you: you are the reincarnations of powerful magical beings. The mistress of one of the five elements. The memories of this former life have been lost to you, and it will take time (maybe even the entire season of an anime) to remember who you were then and what that means for who you are now.

This is a game about magic, fantasy, mystical creatures, and good versus evil. It is also a game about drama, dances, crushes, popularity, and pop quizzes. Most importantly, it is a game about coming of age, self-discovery, loss, friendship, and FEELINGS!

A note on Magical Girls: Magical Girl is a job description, not a gender. While in your past life you held the title of the Mistress of your element (for example “Mistress of Fire”), this does not mean you need to identify in any particular way re: gender. Your past and present life can have different identities, orientations, and bodies. This game uses transformation and recovered memories as metaphors for coming of age and self-exploration, particularly in relation to queerness. Part of this narrative is reconciling who you think you are with the undiscovered parts of who you might be.


  • All of the fun and awkwardness of high school: from crushes to track meets

  • A unique reincarnation-based memory mechanic

  • An easy-to-learn combat system

  • A campaign built to provide a complete and satisfying narrative arc in 12 sessions

  • A comprehensive Game Master guide, making it easy to run— even for first-time GMs!

  • An amazing team of contributing writers and designers

  • Original Audio for your Magical Girl transformations created by award-winning musician Lyndsie Alguire

  • Over 30 illustrations by Léonore Renahy

  • The full game includes: a custom gold coin, alchemy points tokens, a full set of sparkly (of course) dice, and high-quality prints of character sheets with resolve trackers themed to the elemental colours. All packaged in a beautiful bag printed with custom art.


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