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Constant Downpour Remastered

Constant Downpour Remastered

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Constant Downpour Remastered is a survival hex-crawl where players traverse through a near-hopeless environment that slowly whittles away their sanity.

The Remastered edition introduces an open-world hex crawl packed with new dangers and discoveries. Inside Venus 3, players will witness Venusian lore, discover hidden bunkers, survive a rival party, and struggle endlessly for a small parcel of security. The monster list, violent encounters, and hallucinations are vastly expanded and the book dives further into the jungles and deeper into riverways. 

The stress-crawl uses the help of the Mothership Sci-fi RPG 1E mechanics to simulate the chipping away of control and loss of hope. Characters suffer shared nightmares and fight off illusions that vanish into thin air as their hold on reality is lost and refastened across Venus. 

Constant Downpour Remastered expands the original zine into a ~100 page smyth-sewn hardcover edition. Inside you'll find:

  • A hex-crawl covering a chunk of Venus 3 and packed with both terrifyingly real and psychological encounters.
  • 20+ hallucinogenic encounters 
  • 20+ monster and violent encounters.
  • Battle with the Storm Behemoth
  • Nightmare, Dream, + Poison tables.
  • 25+ Illustrations including 3x full art- spreads and 3x full-page illustrations.
  • 10x Retro sci-fi weapons including 4x Stim Packs, 2x Blasters, 1x Sonic Cannon, and 3x Grenades all scaled to the adventure.
  • 4x Factions including a Rival Crew and Rebel Group.
  • Simple hex-crawl rules specialized for a psychological thriller adventure.
  • Straightforward river rafting rules include variable river building.
  • 10 NPCs split across the factions.
  • 20 Detailed locations including 8 maps of bunkers, landmarks, and sun domes.
  • Easy-to-use Fog of War System based on found maps, visited locations, and climbed peaks.


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