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Get spooky with a friend as you draw and journal the story of a Haunted House and its occupants over the years in Haunting, the 2-player haunted house TTRPG.

It was in the long dark of many vacant years that you were brought into being, not knowing how long you had stood alone before you awoke. You came into this world hungry, empty, resenting the absence of your creator, willing yourself to exist. Your frame now creaks and groans from its long sleep; a body of wood and brick and brooding, that lays weathered and ageing throughout the endless seasons. You sit in wait of someone to consume, for someone to take residence, to slowly digest within your walls and grant you the strength to become more than your foundations would allow. You are more than a house.

What is Haunting?

Haunting is a 2-player, haunted house RPG by Arcane Atlas Games. Originally created for the Lost & Found jam in 2022 (the system behind Bucket of Bolts and Artefact) the game has players collaborate to tell the story of a haunted house and its inhabitants over many generations. 


- A TTRPG for 2 players

- Players take it in turns to act as the house and its occupants in a structured conversation

- Occupants add or modify rooms and the house haunts the occupant

- The story of each occupant ends with them fleeing, fighting or falling to the house

- A standard game involves playing through 4 occupants, and takes roughly 2 hours.

- The game is recorded by drawing on a shared map

- Between each occupant, players reflect on the game while listening to the atmospheric soundtrack


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