What We’ve Been Up To: November 2023

What We’ve Been Up To: November 2023


It’s been a while since we last did one of these updates and it's overdue, if we have to say so ourselves. There’s been a lot of changes in the Press since we last chatted – and a lot of life changes for all of us here at the Press. As the three of us (Sydney, Eryk, and Harry) have been catching up and chatting, we wanted to share some things with y’all — and let you know what’s next for Peregrine Coast Press. 

As you may already know, based on our last fulfilment update, Hugh has decided to move on from the Press. 

We’ve also been dealing with some life stuff. Eryk moved and changed jobs this year, Harry got a new full time position, and Sydney was sick for about two months (she’s fine now). Now that we’re all settled in, we’re tackling our to do list and sorting out what Peregrine Coast Press looks like moving forward. 

Since then, we’ve been busy learning fulfilment processes, getting in touch with clients, and answering a huge backlog of emails. If you’ve tried to get in touch and haven’t heard back, just send your email again! 

Ending Fulfilment Services

The biggest change to Peregrine Coast Press is that we will be ending our fulfilment services after finishing up with our ongoing projects. 

In the spirit of transparency, offering fulfilment is hard work and does not provide us with the time or finances to pursue the creative projects we love to work on. Additionally, we are now unable to offer IOSS (our provider went out of business a couple of weeks ago) and to simplify, we are moving our fulfilment accounts and all servicing under our fulfilment partner. Also — and this is an important part – Eryk, Harry, and Sydney are not experts in this work. 

The three of us talked, and since we are not offering the same services we were once able to and because we felt it doesn’t make sense to act as a middleman between creators and fulfilment partners, we will be sunsetting our fulfilment services. 

This was not an easy decision for us to come to, especially since we know that a lot of folks in the indie scene relied on working with us for an affordable option. Eryk and Sydney talked for several weeks about ways to keep it running, but after digging through financial statements and deciding what was important to us as a co-op decided this was the best option. 

Read more about this decision. 

Our Retail Shop 

Even though we are ending fulfilment services, we are keeping our retail shop. We love providing independent creators with a place to share their work with a wider audience. 

To keep the spirit of fulfilment going, we’re still keen to take on stock from folks abroad. Retail is much easier to handle and we want to open up the UK and Europe to international creators. 

However, as we continue to work through these changes we are putting a pause on purchasing new stock through the end of 2023. 

New Projects 

Much of the work we are doing now is to set up Peregrine Coast Press to do what we love: create beautiful things. 

Peregrine Pocketbooks are still in the works, and Sydney has been editing away as we plan for our launch. 

Eryk is still busy with Milk Bar. Stay tuned for an announcement soon. 

Last but not least, the next Filmmakers Without Cameras is coming! We’ll let you know when we have more info.

Upcoming Events


Eryk and Harry will also be at Dragonmeet in London on the 2nd of December. Stop by and say hi there too! 

Feminist Magic Market 

Are you stateside like Sydney? She’ll be in Charleston, SC on Small Business Saturday (November 25), with a selection of Peregrine Coast Press favorites, as well as Tiny Library, Tiny Tome, MIRU, and some games from Sydney’s fellow South Carolinian Technical Grimoire




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