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Bunny, We Bought a Dungeon

Bunny, We Bought a Dungeon

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What it's about

You are a group of anthropomorphic bunnies in a traditional fantasy world who have bought a dungeon to move in there together...

Bunny, We Bought a Dungeon is a GM-less OSR story game for 2-6 players. It needs zero prep and is perfect for one-shots. Just gather some dice, get something to write/draw, open the zine/PDF and start playing!

After creating your bunnies (which is quick and easy), you drop some dice onto a sheet of paper. Based on that, you draw your dungeon map and narrate the exploration and renovation of the dungeon by your bunny group. 22 random roll tables support you with ideas. 

Bunny, We Bought a Dungeon was written by Jasmin Neitzel and Andrea Rick and has been illustrated and translated into English by Andrea Rick.

In 2023, the German version of Bunny, We Bought a Dungeon won a Crystal Stephan (places 4-10) for Best Role-Playing Game in the "Publikumspreis für Eskapismus, Nerdkultur & Phantastik (PEN&P)", short "Goldener Stephan" (Public Choice Award for Escapism, Nerd Culture, and Fantasy).


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