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Charlotte Laskowski, Binary Star

Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies

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Adrift Among the Bodies of the Dead

For a generation after the calamity, the infinite dark between the stars felt cramped, crowded by refugees on ships meant for fewer people and shorter trips. 

In the second generation, those who survived in their home-ships now cannibalized the metal skeletons of the less fortunate ships. 

The third generation did not just expand their ships; they expanded their mecha and their operations. They fled to farther stars — populations in space stations and on surfaces booming as quickly as lives were lost in petty disputes. 

The fourth generation discovered the Titans. No probe had yet reached these dead gods whose frozen bodies spanned hundreds of miles across.

You are the fifth generation.

Humanity's Blood Stains the Stars

Celestial Bodies is a game about humanity's long struggle to colonize the universe, and what will become of them. It's about those who will continue to the next generation — and those who will not. It's about endless destruction and death in the name of continuation, and those who wage it. It's about the great titan corpses that lie where the stars end, and what lies beyond them.

You are lamplighters: a once-reverent name for the union of pilot and mech, flesh and steel, serving a home-ship. In the name of your home-ship, you will do things that are alternatively necessary, magnanimous, and possibly unspeakable. Your mechs will engage in combat with other hulking metal war machines and uncanny monstrous threats. Your ships and mechs will change as humanity begins to extract everything from the Titans.

Format: A5, uncoated paper, with a soft touch finish cover.


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