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Ryan Vance

An Honourable Place

An Honourable Place

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The end of history may be nigh, but the future is always closer than it seems.

A collaborative two-player storytelling game, An Honourable Place invites you to chronicle how humanity’s dregs survive the end of the world, and how their actions affect the far, far future. Over the course of ten episodes, players create and narrate the histories of The Commune, a group of apocalypse survivors, and The Cult, a tribe of mystics on a pilgrimage 5,000 years in the future. Players are guided by narrative prompts, randomised events and symbols of their own devising, as they shepherd their societies through dark times and surprising destinies. Across the vast chasm of history, even the slightest decisions can grow into essential blessings, or tragic curses, as stories begun in one era spiral out of control in another. This is a story of communication, interpretation, and how when the world falls apart, people pull together.
A5, 12 pages, Black & white printing, Saddle stitched, Softcover, 2023


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