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Death Wish

Death Wish

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 I was always taught that death wasn’t an end — just a new beginning. In church, this means heaven or hell. In ecology, this means when things die, they decompose, and become new life. During grad school, for one of my writing workshops, I wrote an essay about how I conceive of death, which is to say, I don’t really know how I conceive of death. Some days it is the permanent ending to mortal life. Other days I know my body will become earth. More often than not, though, I find myself stuck on the idea of hell. 

Death Wish features original prose and poetry by Sydney Bollinger. This zine spans topics from favorite films like Picnic at Hanging Rock and Charleston, S.C.'s cobblestone streets to small town whispers and former religious beliefs. 

Each piece of writing has something to do with death, but don’t fear if you aren’t into morbidity. It’s not that morbid.

white dresses (poem)
Corpse Pose (poem)
A Midnight Visitor (fiction)
Gatelocked (poem)
Lux (poem)
Blond Girls Dying (nonfiction)


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