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Familiar Faces Vol.1

Familiar Faces Vol.1

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Familiar Faces Vol 1 is a zine of story hooks. Players discover new opportunities through the motivations, biographies, eccentric acquaintances, and described pasts of these characters. Additionally, Volume 1 provides 3 new settings - Julip IV and its two satellites, Atlas Roe and Gilgamesh Red that house the characters.

Each NPC has four dedicated pages, including a full spread portrait and several details including the network of relationships that tie the world together.

Familiar Faces NPCs provide multiple functions. As recurring NPCs, they offer unique transaction opportunities for players on shore leave. As integrated members of their community, they offer interesting opportunities and introductions.  As crews may often die off and reset during your campaigns, they offer a familiar face the crew might have heard of before their new journey begins.


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