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Peregrine Coast Press

Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy

Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy

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What happens when you combine every piece of writing and art from all previous Filmmakers Without Cameras issues? You get Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy! 

This omnibus, with a cover illustrated by Evangeline Gallagher, combines FWC Issue 1, Issue 2, and the brand new Issue 3. 

The Trilogy includes over 180 pages of thoughtful writing from 39 writers on your favorite films, video games, board games, and roleplaying games, as well as TTRPGs and flash fiction. 

With gorgeous layout design from Eryk Sawicki and original artwork from 19 illustrators, Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy is a coffee table love letter to the media we can’t stop thinking about. 

All books are printed with Standart Impressa.

Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy is published by Peregrine Coast Press, an independent publishing co-op.


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