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Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

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Welcome to the River; a flowing path born at the mountain’s feet. In her high narrows, barely two boats fit lengthwise; a furious pounding of water. From these rocky ravines, she threads her way through the land, until she reaches the Great Sea. Quiet and slow-moving in these lowlands, she provides homes for those who live upon her waters and food for those who live beside her.

A solo journalling game

On this River, you are a bookseller, paddling your floating bookshop up and downstream to various towns along the Riverbank. How did you come across the bookshop? Was it gifted to you or did you happen to chance upon it?

Your days are filled with customers, leaks and the irritating nook beetles that bury into the pages of your books. Make friends with regular customers to the bookshop, experience the River as she moves through the different seasons, visit and explore various towns, go fishing in the River's rich waters. Throughout the year, the seasons change and holidays give the chance for you to join in celebrations and festivities with the animalfolk. 

Floating Bookshop is set in a fully formed world with its own unique seasons, holidays and customs.


  • 5 seasons to play through

  • Easy game mechanics

  • 10 towns to visit, each with different shops, characters and seasonal traditions

  • 2-3 holidays per season

  • Fishing mini-game 

  • Folds flat for easy use

220 pages featuring illustrations by Linnea Sterte.

21 x 16.5 x 2cm

Please note the end of the wire binding may be sharp!

Printed on recycled paper and wire bound. ISBN: 978 0 6458797 0 4


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