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Laurie O'Connel

Hieronymus: Garden of Earthly Delights Edition

Hieronymus: Garden of Earthly Delights Edition

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In Hieronymus, you play a group of refugees fleeing an astral terror known only as the Follower. As it pursues you, you rip your way through reality into strange worldscapes inspired by the paintings of the mediaeval artist Hieronymus Bosch, the Follower only a few steps behind.What will happen when it catches up to you?What strange worlds will it tear apart in its pursuit?Is there a way home?

Hieronymus is a hex-crawling TTRPG unlike any other. 

It was released in 2021 to acclaim and saw a limited print run. Now it’s back. New maps and content, new character playbooks and expanded guidance for both players and game runners make this a more complete experience.

With writing by Laurie O’Connel, art by Bosch and others, and a delightful new layout by Chris Bissette,  Hieronymus is back and better than ever.

As featured on Dicebreaker and Geeknative.

A4 softcover, 52 pages


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