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Novecento Manfredi



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A chiptuned fantasy RPG, MEKKAKONKRETE is a 24 pages comedic TTRPG where you and your friends play as robots called Mekkas, exploring a medieval world full of morally questionable inhabitants. Fight your way through hordes of greedy cultists, angry knights, and giant salamanders!

In MEKKAKONKRETE you play as Mekkas, robots created by a giant spaceship called "the Processor Mothership", and sent to a medieval world called "Latra", tasked with retrieving silver to fuel the creation of even more Mekkas.

The inhabitants of Latra don't quite like the idea of sharing their silver, and are fighting tooth and nail to keep it from the metallic hands of the robots.

But Mekkas have perseverance on their side -aand laser guns!


Mekkas are more than ready to steal artifacts, plant new bases, hunt peasants, and even more daring missions!


MEKKAKONKRETE is created, written, and illustrated by Novecento Manfredi, a comicbook illustrator and colorist. Additional material for MEKKAKONKRETE was made by: Novecento Manfredi, Metheio, Accardo, Emanuele Parascandolo, and Martina Chilardi.


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