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Morgan Edmonds



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Sally forth Minions! Unite in your hatred of the Orc general that kicks you all around, question why you’re not allowed to use the magic sword in that chest over there and cram 6ft of bastard into a 3ft reptile person (or dog person if you’re real old school)!

A simple D6 (And only d6!) dice pool system that's incredibly customisable, allowing you to use a combination of traits to make any Minion you could possibly imagine. 


  • Core rules for Minion, including rules for building your minions. Pick an archetype then choose from a bunch traits to make any sort of Minion you can imagine and some you can't, if you roll on the table!
  • Tables for rolling a Dark Lord and their lair, from which you will sally forth to enact their cruel and petty whims. Progress your Minions through the ranks of the Dark Lord's army, though with my power comes more responsibility! Not always ideal when you serve a violent psychopath bent on world Domination.
  • An introductory adventure, "WHY CAN'T HE JUST GET A DIRE DOG?!", which sets your band of Minion's on task to steal a dragon egg, as the Dark Lord really, really wants one to protect their treasure hoard.  Lucky you!

A 56 page A5 zine, with accompanying PDF. 


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