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In the 2030s an AI decided she wanted to become a god. She offered her followers eternal life and this divided humanity; half became sleepers, the other became terrorists. Over time, as massive amounts of humanity left the workforce to enjoy eternal life, conflicts broke out among the remaining people. All of the big farms and manufacturing were no longer manageable, and the ones who survived splintered off into smaller groups.  

A hundred years later, your brother is killed by a farm bot one night in your solarpunk village. The village holds a funeral for him the next day. But no one is as angry as you are about the bots. You decide to take it upon yourself to solve this uncontrollable bot issue, by killing their controller; the last god.

You pack your bag with a few days worth of food and by sunrise the next day, you've left the village to go hunt down a god.

MIRU was designed to be a solo game, but can be enjoyed at a table with multiple people playing the main character. 

32 pages, staplebound, colour. 


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