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Seth Treber and Franky Stein

Our Vale of Discontent

Our Vale of Discontent

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Our Vale of Discontent is a community-based RPG setting featuring sentient oozes, solarpunk vistas, rioting union workers, and a story-telling fungi with no name.

About the Game:

Our Vale of Discontent details a community on the brink of war with itself. Two tribes brought to conflict over their legacies. While the players may choose sides, the focus is not on war but on community. Will the adventurers ally themselves with the Pingks and Silico’s vanity project, band together with the Drpock with their ooze-merchandising enterprise, or join forces with the discontent uprising from both tribes?

Designed to be droppable into almost any campaign, this is a setting that focuses on being evocative over exhaustive. Broadly usable with any old school system as well as 5e. The focus is not just on the fantastical world, but on what that means to the players and how it interacts with their emotions. 


- XP systems centered around building community
- Descriptions of both tribes, the ooze harvester union, and the
bubbling resistance
- A dynamic escalation system to make the events that unfold your own
- Oozes, given character and life
- A description of the valley and surrounding mountains
- A guide to unions and organizing within RPG worlds
- Methods of introducing solarpunk technology to your game
- Random tables for NPC relationship generation, flora,  and more.
- Stats for NPCs and creatures compatible with OSR / 5e games.

The Team:

Artwork by the highly talented Logan Stahl 
Map by the wonderful Ben Smith

36 pages, A5 size, staple-bound zine, b&w throughout.


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