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Planet Builder + Design Book

Planet Builder + Design Book

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Planet Builder is a zine packed with 43 random tables to pummel writer’s block and detail any area a sci-fi setting needs. Construct outposts, asteroids, moons, planets, and any area your story needs.

Most tables contain 20 starting points that can work individually or be combined together. Roll a couple of dice and mix and match ideas. Or close your eyes, point randomly on the page, and blurb from there.

Planet Builder Features Tables For the Following:

  • City tables for Details, Available Services, Local Security, Jobs For Hire, + What Needs Done.
  • 2x Threats tables.
  • Faction tables for Political Beliefs, Faction Narratives, Group Secrets, Group Desires, Group Locations, + Recent Political Successes.
  • Planet Detail tables for Names, Atmosphere, Themes and Tones, Worthwhile Aspects, Civilization/Natural Order, + Current State.
  • Terrain tables for Landmarks, Flora, Fauna, + To Discover.
  • Encounter tables for Types, Mood, + Tactical Layout of Encounters.
  • NPC tables for Occupations, Names, Needs, Knowledge, Motivations, Living Places, + Mannerisms.
  • Storyline tables for Starting Points, Who/What is Affected Immediately, Reactions and Procedures, + What is No Longer Available.
  • Satellites and Neighbor tables for Relationships & Tensions, Who Lives There, + Trade Significance.
  • And more!


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