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Tournament Arc

Tournament Arc

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A GM-less sports anime RPG

Are you looking to experience the triumphs and defeats of Space Hyper-Basketball? Need to feel the epic highs and dizzying lows of card games in the post-apocalypse? Want to face the trials and tribulations of the cheese-rolling World Circuit?

Tournament Arc is your very own collaborative sports anime experience, made in the Belonging Outside Belonging engine popularised by games like Dream Askew and Wanderhome. In every thrilling episode, you’ll play the part of the Team as they negotiate the complexities of their daily lives, explore a collaboratively created world, and, most importantly, play the Game.

Together, you’ll build a world for your Team to explore and experience together. Are you students in a modern high school? Brave rebels keeping a sport going in a cyberpunk dystopia? Astral game-soldiers playing in intergalactic battle arenas? The choice is yours, and the suggestions you make will help you illustrate and develop a story that’s entirely your own.

Tournament Arc’s rules-light nature means the Game can be as outlandish as you want it to be. Duel in high-concept card games, experience cyber-hockey in the year 20777, or play some good old-fashioned footie on the rainy Manchester astroturf. The only limit to what the Game can be is your collective imagination!


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