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ZIMO’s Getting Up

ZIMO’s Getting Up

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ZIMO's getting up brings the world of graffiti and street art to your tabletop in a condensed but fully flavoursome way.

The can rattles.

The outline of the letters Z I M O take shape, covering the whole car of what used to be a white and malachite green 377 Electrostar carriage.

Purple and red blend to fill in the letters
Final outline

Next up is the character planned for the next carriage, but you cannot find where you put the sketch

You curse out loud

Did you hear a noise?

Your sweat turns cold

What is ZIMO’s Getting Up?
ZIMO’s Getting Up is a 20 page, tabletop role playing game A5 zine by Fraud for 1 player.
All you need to play is the zine, a pair of ten-sided dice (or an app that provides the same), and some writing and sketching supplies of your choosing. 

This game uses a standalone system designed to get out of the way, the core mechanic of the game fits on 1/2 page.
It is intended to be played solo, but could easily be played one-on-one with a single player and a game host.
Every surface is a potential location to get up, some more dangerous and inaccessible than others. The player's goal is to find fulfilment by getting a reputation and a place they belong.

Each time a player is doing graffiti, they potentially risk wasting their supplies, time, or money, or more likely risk their physical health and mental health, or worse by becoming a target of the law.
The consequences for failure can be very high: beginner writers might be going home with no reputation to speak of, or even get nicked in the process of getting one.
Getting supplies and hitting the right spot in ZIMO’s Getting Up is critical to a writer’s success. Alternatively, players can improve their odds by checking on their past work and sketching their in game plans in their real world blackbook.

It’s Fraud’s first zine and RPG.

ZIMO’s Getting Up Features:

  • 1/2 page of core mechanics that are quick and easy to learn
  • 2+ 1 page of glossary and the rules of graffiti to provide players with full immersion
  • 2 pages of examples on how to get started on playing ZIMO’s Getting Up, and lots of advice on what and how to journal the story throughout the zine
  • Tables including Spot Location, Weather, NPCs, and Consequences to help generate content randomly.
  • Procedures to create a setting, a character as well as NPCs.
  • 3 sheets to record NPCs, locations and the character details
  • Unique art and graphic design by Fraud.
  • 20+ unique moves, with more ideas in the zine to create your own.
  • A layout that works front to back to learn, and back to front to play.


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